NAV PRABHAT JAN SEWA SANSTHAN is a Non Profitable  non governmental  voluntary organization registered under Societies  Registration act XXI of 1860 (Regd. No-1099/1998-99 dated December 15,1998-99)
NPJSS was setup as an initiative to respond to the need of street children and women related issues. NPJSS is an overall integrated Development organization which committed to work for the development and upliftment of the vulnerable groups to eradicate poverty and also dedicated to improve the environmental hazards. NPJSS as an NGO is working to promote and provide qualitative education and offer opportunities to the neglected children and down trodden communities which are socially and economically deprived. Further more we emphasize these children’s talents and explore, so that they not only acquire academic learning, but also vocational proficiency, personal character societal values.

An educated socially democratic, gender balanced Society having absolute knowledge and skills on Health and Education Rights.

An effort by our organization is to focus attention on poor women. Our aim is to train and provide them opportunities of self-employment to improve their social and economic status. The main aim of this organization is to promote vocational trainings like sewing classes, education, awareness and literacy camps for the under privilege. Focusing on training, women’s issues, we are committed towards the welfare of the less privileged sections of the community and these vocational training courses are a reflection of our commitment. The vocational training centre provide a platform to the less privileged women and young girls to acquire skill sets which makes them employable and allows them to earn a living.

We also encourage the habit of thrift and credit among them to improve the welfare and quality of life of the family and community.

There is one such centre is located in Begum pur village near Rajeev Nagar of North west Delhi, and total 100 women of weaker section including some young girls are registered and coming to the centre for training(Monday to Saturday) in 3 different batches.

The Second Centre is running at Village Chitwa, Pora Vikas Nagar, Masodha, Distt.Faizabad UP. Here also approx.50 girls and women are benefitted with different training programs like swing and stitching, embroidery, Mehndi, beautician and handicraft etc. These women are also getting opportunity to attend programs health awareness, sanitation, basic education.

NPJSS leads the community towards good health program. We Provide better health facilities by organizing health awareness camps in Rural areas where there is really need of a doctor. In these camps we take different specialty doctors who run free OPD there and free medicines are distributed to these patients.

Emphasis on literacy moment to make the entire female  literate as well as enroll girl child in formal school. We organize different awareness program to educate the society for the need of girl’s education. We also organize study classes in our vocational training centers for illiterate women and their children.

NPJSS is running a Family counseling centre (FCC) at Ayodhya, Faizabad an initiative of Central Social welfare Board, Ministry of women and child welfare New Delhi, to provide free counseling to all related to family dispute, Relationship disconnect and career counseling.

We regularly organize HIV/AIDS awareness programs in Faizabad and Sultanpur districts.
 Every year we organize a program of essay, drawing and sports competition for the rural area school in Faizabad district. Winners students in different categories are honored and get prizes.

Drug De addiction Centre: Organization runs a drug de addiction centre at Sultanpur city where lot People addicted of alcohol and drugs  get benefitted and also counseled from experienced counselors, by helping these people to keep away from these addictions, the organization helping the society reliving from rape, ,theft, serious disease.

We had organized a State level Seminar  “Decaying Embryo” focused on girl child Ratio, Funded by National Commission For women (NCW) at Sultanpur (UP

Organization has organized a National Seminar “Indian women and Nutrition” on July 12, 2013 at New Delhi, to spread the awareness regarding the women nutrition. This mega event was sponsored by State Bank Of India, DS Group (Catch) and Uco Bank.


To eradicate illiteracy by providing free schooling to needy children.

To empower women and children to know their rights and to live with dignity.

To reduce discrimination promoting equality and strengthen capacity of marginalized groups to assert their rights.

Promote skill development through vocational training for alleviation of poverty.

To create awareness in rural farmers and laborers.

To create social, cultural and economic awareness in poor children with better planning.

To organize cooperative societies of farmers and laborers (SHG).

To promote handicraft and food processing by camp, group activities and participating in exhibitions.

To establish and organize self help groups in the villages.

To promote plantation for clean and green environment.

Internal Management System:
Staff Gender and Diversity Policy:
One third of the total members of Governing board are female.
One Muslim, one OBC and one SC/ST member in Governing board.
Equal opportunities to male and female staff for capacity building, promotion and    jobs without the discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion or sex.
Other provisions – As per need.
Governing board of our organization has representation of all the community.
President of our organization is a woman. The meeting of our governing body held once in a month and review all the progress related to the entire project
We maintain the entire accounts book on the computer and it is absolutely up-to-date.
We have the strong network with the local administration and other N.G.O and government or semi-government organization
We have a Personnel department who looks in all the matter related to staffs such as Recruitment, Welfare of staffs and other Personnel related issue.

Our Amazing Team

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Raj Kumar Dubey

Raj Kumar Dubey


Shailendra Mishra

Shailendra Mishra

Vice President

R P Dubey

R P Dubey


Kishor Srivastava

Kishor Srivastava

Hema Singh

Hema Singh

Finance Coordinator

Our Customers

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